Don's Twisted Creations - Balloon Artistry

Balloons have fascinated folks of all ages for many years.  I don't think anybody really knows why that is but I've found that for whatever reason these long tubular shaped pieces of latex happiness delights kids of all ages!


For me it all started one fateful Friday evening upon my return home from work when my wonderful wife tossed me a bag of twisting balloon and said, "By the way, your daughter wants balloon animals for her birthday party tomorrow at 11 am, so go figure it out!".  Say what?!?!   Thank God for YouTube because 4 hours later I learned the basics to balloon twisting and about 5 or 6 one-balloon animals.  To my amazement, my daughter and her little friends were absolutely thrilled at these very simple creations.  Three weeks later I (voluntarily...) attempted to test fate once again at my church's Harvest Festival where I twisted non-stop for 3 long hours.  And so began my infatuation with balloon twisting!

I continue to practice and learn from other professional balloon entertainers in order to hone my skills for parties & events as well as creations like bouquets & centerpieces.


In 2014 my wife is doing glitter tattoos and we are working together to learn and add balloon decorations to our "bag of tricks".  This year is looking good for DTC and we hope you'll be part of it!

Let us know how DTC can assist you at your next party or event.

Don Deaube'

Don's Twisted Creations